Cargo Net

Cargo Net

Polyester Lifting Nets

Polyester cargo nets are available in capacities from 1T to 6T, with mesh sizes commonly ranging from 4″ to 8″. Custom sizes, lengths, and designs are available upon request. 


  • 1 ft reinforced eyes on all four corners
  • Mesh size options: 4in x 4in, 6in x 6in, 8in x 8in
  • 2-ply border
  • Fittings on four corners (available on request)

Additional Information:

  • PVC label with serial number, manufacture date, length, WLL, and lifting mode information.
  • Strictly for static and balanced lifts.
  • Not suitable for cubic loads with edges and corners.
  • Maximum load test: 1.5 times the WLL (customer bears testing costs).
  • Manufacturer shall not responsible for any damages from customer-conducted tests

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