Yoke completes Digital Product Line

Yoke Completes Digital Product Line

Yoke Industrial Corporation’s Digital Product Line is now complete since the recent addition of the DA range of bolt type shackles. The Digital Product Line (over 1,200,000 items) is all equipped with embedded RFID chips enabling every individual immediate digital access to important documents just by scanning the tag using the NFC function in their mobile phone –  no costly software is required.

Accessible documents include:

  • Manufacturers details
  • Unique RFID number and Serial Number
  • Asset number
  • Product details and traceability information
  • Manufacturers Declaration of Conformity
  • Safe Use Instructions
  • Additional inspection company/Asset owner documents
  • Pre-use Check
  • Product Status
  • Latest Pre-use Check
  • Latest inspection


With more than 1,200,000 Digital Products fitted with RFID already supplied into the lifting equipment market worldwide and the capability to retro fit all original items, with the SupraTag to complete any lifting assemblies (chain, wire rope, synthetics) manufactured by Yoke partners, the Digital Product Line is now a truly global product.

In addition to the Yoke Digital Product Line, other manufacturers can add their own manufactured item, such as chain blocks, lever hoists, beam clamps and lifting beams, to develop their own Digital Product Line using any industry standard RFID Tags, including the Yoke SupraTag, Yoke SupraBlue or other available tags.

Yoke says that with the Yoke Digital Product Line, the lifting equipment industry can now work together to complete one whole global Digital Product Line, solving the longstanding problem of access to documentation and pre-use inspection knowledge to the hands of the users.

Sources from Lift & Hoist Australia – 18/02/2022 – 11:06am